Our focus is Product Design, Short & Medium Run Stampings with Lifetime Tooling And Assemblies


Product Design  

We focus exclusively on short run, high quality stampings produced from low cost life-time tooling. This focus and experience helps our customers save money and time in the design and manufacturing.

Every aspect of our production is geared to achieving the most efficient prototype and short run workflow.

Short & Medium Run Stampings

Do you think stamping can't be justified for short run parts? We'd like to change your mind. The finest short-medium run stampings start with low cost, lifetime tooling.  At Dynamic, building short run tooling is an art that combines traditional craftsmanship with the assistance of modern machines and methods, CAD-CAM, CNC machining centers and wire EDM. Our many years of experience give us the ability to take cost out and build quality into your short run dies. We will produce lifetime tooling for your job at a cost of hundreds, not thousands, of dollars. That is our Dynamic deal for you.
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room2movie.jpg Stamping & Stacking  

Save up to 60% off of your part weight by using Stamping & Stacking laminated assemblies that are lighter and stronger than machined, casted or even powder metal parts.
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Secondary Operations and Subassembly

Dynamic is truly a one-stop source for short run stampings because we perform all standard secondary operations as well as subassembly. These procedures are subject to the same complete quality system used in our stamping department.

Equally important, every job, whether simple or complex, is shipped on time.

prod_05.jpg Types of Parts

Standard tolerances for our production are ± 0.005 in. on linear dimensions and ± 0.0015 in. on hole diameters. We work in any material which can be cold stamped. Most jobs we run are in the thickness range of 0.020 in. to 0.250 in. We have a press capacity to 150 tons and maximum die capacity of 28 in. to 40 in.